6 Amazing Metal Garage Storage Cabinets to keep your Valuables Safe

Metal garage storage cabinets

Metal garage storage cabinets come extremely handy whether you want to store something, keep it safe, or both. Just think about your garage, you must have something valuable (your car won’t count I’m afraid) that you need kept safe.

A simple storage rack won’t do in this case, so I’ve researched the best metal garage storage cabinets I could find, and I really found some amazing products, now I will share the top 6 with you.

Why get Metal Garage Storage Cabinets?

Isn’t metal really heavy and inconvenient to move into your garage? Well, no, no it isn’t. If you invest properly in a high quality, long term metal garage storage cabinet, they are surprisingly light. The heaviest one in the list you’re about to read is 144 pounds (65kg), most of them are closer to the 80 pounds (36kg) mark though.

Metal offers some of the best protection for your belongings out of any material, you’d need a pretty determined thief to break through this material. Also, in many garages, metal cabinets fit the room very nicely, the list I’ve compiled offers some nice variety in styles so you can choose which one is right for you.

Finally, metal cabinets are very easy to assemble, you won’t need to be endlessly scratching your head with instruction manuals in the wrong language. In most cases, you’ll just need to simply, attach the doors to the body and you’re done. Nevertheless, let’s look at some of the best metal garage cabinets you can buy today.

Top Metal Garage Storage Cabinets

1. Besfur Metal Locking Storage Cabinet. I’m going to avoid being biased on this one because it is my favourite, you’ll see what I mean soon. First of all, I love the style of this lockable, steel cabinet, the sleek, clean finish makes it an attractive addition to any garage. This has 4 adjustable shelves making it appropriate for garage and/or home use. You wouldn’t think this heavy-duty metal frame only weighs 97 pounds (44kg) for the whole thing, making it easy to assemble and install into your garage. The adjustable shelves will give you the freedom to use this for what you want, whether you’re a handy person looking to store your tools, or want to keep important paperwork away from the kids. The dimensions are 36” L x 18” W x 72”H, giving you plenty of room, also coming with a 1-year service guarantee. If you want the absolute best for your garage, look no further.

Mecolor furniture Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

2. Mecolor furniture Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet. This 64-pound, alloy steel storage cabinet is ideal for you if you like to separate your belongings or share the security with someone else in your home. Better suited for smaller objects, the dimensions are 35.5” Height and width x 17.7” length. A great feature of these storage lockers is the fact they are stackable and can therefore hold a lot of weight, each door comes with a set of different keys. The assembly guide is given by the company, but I can assure you it is very easy. I’d imagine this would be ideal if you perhaps rent an area with someone else and you’re looking for a shared space to store your valuables, if not, still a very strong choice for your garage.

3. GREATMEET Metal Storage Cabinet with 1 Adjustable Shelve and 2 Doors. This black, heavy gauge steel deluxe wedding frame is similar, and slightly smaller to the first cabinet on this list, so you know it will be high quality. With 2 adjustable shelves, it offers brilliant flexibility, its dimensions are 36″L x 18″W x 41.6″H, which offers a decent amount of space for your garage goods. My favourite feature is the high security locking system, this cabinet offers an upgraded version of the three-point lock system for maximum security. The steel rods are also thickened to provide higher security. What might make this cabinet stand out for you is the environmentally friendly spray paint which also makes it rust-resistant. The load-bearing capacity is 120 pounds, suitable for garage tools, and ideal for long term use. You can’t go wrong here if you’re looking for amazing security and top of the range features.

Seville Classics Cabinet Storage

4. Seville Classics Cabinet Storage. This steel, granite clay coloured cabinet is another very strong choice for your garage. This is the most robust cabinet on the whole list, weighing at 144 pounds, but having the dimension of 18” L x 36” W x 72” H, big enough to save you a considerable amount of space in your garage. My Favourite feature about this cabinet is while is may be heavy, it comes on wheels to make it easily portable around your garage, no need to injure your back here! Plus, I love the look of the stainless-steel doors, and so will you if your garage has more of a workplace aesthetic. The weight capacity is also no joke, with a whopping 600 lbs total, 150 lbs for each shelf, definitely the strongest on this list. Finally, it has a powder coated steel frame for the clean looking finish, you could easily make a case for this being the best cabinet on this list.

Suncast 72 Resin Base Garage Storage Cabinet

5. Suncast 72” Resin Base Garage Storage Cabinet. This platinum, that’s right, platinum storage cabinet offers you generous dimensions: 20” L x 72” W x 30” H. With that in mind, it’s not actually that heavy, weighing in at 66 pounds, this can easily be moved into your garage, or be used outside due to its high weather resistance and rust resistance. I personally love the look of this cabinet; it should fit into the corner of your garage nicely and will be versatile to fit the style of your garage. The reinforced metal shelving ensures that each shelf can hold up to 75 lbs. Yet another strong choice for your garage and the most suited for outdoor use on this list.

6. itbe for Home Ready-to-Assemble Steel Cabinet with Two Doors. Finally, this cabinet can fit into any room of your house. It is made from high-grade cold rolled steel with a thickness of 0.6mm. It is anti-corrosion, sun-resistant, moisture and rust-proof, making it ideal for outdoor storage as well. This sturdy and durable cabinet is made from environmentally-friendly materials and is sprayed with electrostatic powder, helping it to be odourless, pollution-free and recyclable. This cabinet will offer you 3 adjustable shelves, protection from your carpet, magnetic doors which are muted (so no loud bangs), and is easy to assemble. The list of features is laughable with this cabinet, I don’t want to bore you too much. Overall, this is an incredibly strong choice that I recommend for anywhere around your living space, not just your garage.

Bonus Storage cabinet

I know I promised you 6, but since writing this article, I have come across another metal garage storage cabinet that I really like the look of:

metal garage storage cabinets

Bonus: Sealey APMS54 Modular Wall Cabinet Tambour Front 680mm. This stainless steel storage cabinet is also made from wood and iron for a stylish finish. Weighing in at just 9600 grams, this black storage cabinet from Sealey has had booming reviews which are just too good to ignore. The dimension are 29.13 x 12.99 x 16.54 inches (LxWxH) and will be sure to keep your possessions safe from harm while also fitting in to a darker aesthetic. I would definitely recommend this for your garage if you don’t want a storage cabinet that will take up too much space.

Which Metal Garage Storage Cabinet is right for You?

There is no right or wrong answer here, it’s more just what you want to use it for and how big your garage is. You’ll want to consider a few aspects when making your decision:

• Security
• Portability
• Ease of Assembling
• Size
• Cost

Every cabinet on the list offers great security, as long as you buy a well-designed, preferably metal garage storage cabinet, you’ll most likely be fine, some are more secure than other though.

Regarding portability, each cabinet on the list is either under 100 pounds or has wheels on them, making them easy to move around your garage or to another part of your home, if that will suit your better.

Each cabinet is also relativity easy to assemble compared to other materials, you’ll receive a guide with each purchase, just make sure you have someone with you when it arrives in case you need them.

Size is quite obvious, if you’re garage is bigger, or you plan to use the cabinet for an outside space, you can opt for a bigger cabinet, no cabinet on the list will be too big for your garage though.

Finally, garage cabinets aren’t incredibly cheap, but if you consider what you’re getting, especially in regards to longevity, the price won’t cross your mind as you’ll be making an investment that will pay you back for years to come. Not to mention the money you’ll save on potential burglaries, as these cabinets have the highest quality security.

Therefore, the choice is up to you, I’d personally recommend the first cabinet on the list, but I don’t have the same garage as you. Consider each option and see which one fulfils your criteria the most.

If you’re looking to save even more space in your garage, read my article: The 5 Best Garage Storage Shelves to Save You Space.

Final Thoughts

A high-quality metal garage storage cabinet or a set of them can sort you out for years and maybe even outlive your garage! That’s why it is so important taking the time to see which one is right for you, and invest enough to secure your valuable garage equipment.

I can assure you that each cabinet I have shown you today is up there with the best and offers amazon value for money, while including some variety in the process.

I hope you have seen one you like or have at least learned something about keeping your garage secure as I believe the most important thing to do, is to keep your house safe.

metal garage storage cabinets