The 5 Best Easy-to-Fit Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

Interlocking garage floor tiles

Most of the garage floors I’ve seen in my time are a sorry sight. Most of the ones I’ve seen are places I wouldn’t want to go without my shoes, for one reason or another, they tend to be dirty. Interlocking garage floor tiles offer you a much-needed garage floor makeover,

In this post, I will discuss the best interlocking garage floor tiles I could find and what makes them so good.

Why you should have Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

This addition will add an element to your garage you didn’t even know you needed, the main benefits of having floor tiles for your garage are:

• Garage Floor Protection: ranging from cracks, dirt, dust, and grease. Fixing a damaged garage floor can end up being quite costly, garage floor tiles offer you that additional protection.

• Better Grip: It’s likely you’ll either be doing work in your garage involving heavy objects, such as a home gym, or store heavy objects, or both. In this case, you’ll want better grip on the floor to ensure nothing is damaged (including your body from potential injuries).

• Better Style: This is perfect if you want to convert your garage and/or want to change the aesthetic of your garage floor so it fits in better with the rest of your garage. In this case, garage floor tiles offer you a wide range of options from a wood style, to more functional styles.

• Easy to Install: Especially interlocking garage floor tiles, all you need to do is clear the space on your garage floor, interlock the garage floor tiles to each other and you’re done, well worth the effort!

Not to mention the money you’ll potentially save from preventing damage to your garage floor. It also ensures your children are less likely to injure themselves should they trip over in your garage.

Floor tiles are a very wise investment for your garage floor, that being said, here are the best interlocking garage floor tiles I could find.

Top Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles:

We Sell Mats Forest Floor Farmhouse Collection - interlocking garage floor tile.

1. We Sell Mats Forest Floor Farmhouse Collection. If you’re looking for variety then look no further, coming in 6 different colours/styles, these EVA foam, lightweight tiles may be the missing piece for your garage. These tiles create an appearance of vintage wood grain for a stylised look for your garage floor, each tile is 3/8” thick and is 24” x 24” in its dimensions. The faux wood style resembles hardwood and therefore offers you a handy shortcut, perfect for your basement too! These work perfectly over hard floors to offer extra support to your garage floor, offering safe cushioning, perfect for any exercise activities such as yoga or weight lifting. The assembly time will take you mere minutes, but will last you years, you’ll be glad to get these. For your garage floor.

STOZM Interlocking Mats with Boarders - interlocking garage floor tiles.

2. STOZM Interlocking Mats with Boarders. These tiles come in a pack of 20 to cover an area of 80 square feet, made from foam (weighing 28 pounds in total), the dimensions are 24” x 24” x 1” (L x W x H). Again, these are perfect for a home gym as they offer a great anti-slip surface which can be assembled in minutes. Therefore, if you’re wary about your joints when you exercise at home (which you should be, at any age), these floor tiles will offer you great non-skid, shock absorbance. The stand out feature for these mats has to be the moisture-resistant technology and the overall high-quality material which makes the maintenance of these floor tiles a dream as they are easy to wash with simple soap and water.

3. HYSA MAT Commercial PVC Durable Free-Flow Interlocking Garage Tiles. These tiles are more heavy duty and so can handle more weight than the others, better for if you want to place your car in your garage. Also suitable for outdoor use, these are suitable around a pool due to their immense grip, making it slip resistant, or car washing for the same reason. Their specially sized vents won’t trap debris and dirt while also allowing water to flow freely through them. If you are planning to have these outside, perfect, as they are weather resistant, cleaning them is also easy, all you’ll need is soap and a scrub brush. To interlock these files, just simply snap them together, they are reusable and reconfigurable, offering you supreme flexibility, great for having them inside for the winter and outside for the summer, also offering you the choice to combine different colour combinations and get creative!

Dinoflex Rubber King Interlocking Tiles

4. Dinoflex Rubber King Interlocking Tiles. These tiles are also suitable for outside use, they are very thick (with a thickness of 6mm), their other dimensions are a square 19” x 19”. These will be more suitable for you if you want to use them for a specific, functional area in your garage such as a workplace or home gym (with heavy weights), the 10 tiles cover an area of 23.5 square feet, perfect for smaller garages or flexible arrangements. The stand out feature for these tiles is the noise reduction, if you’re planning to make a lot of noise in your garage by working out (or anything else), the high traction, noise absorbance feature means you won’t disturb anyone while you can make as much noise as you please (on the ground). These tiles are also low odour and non-toxic to provide you with the best possible air quality without any chemical smells as they don’t contain any harmful solvents, making them good for the environment too! Finally, these tiles come with a 5-year warranty which is the highest I’ve seen while research for garage floor tiles.

Sivan Health and Fitness Mat Tiles

5. Sivan Health and Fitness Mat Tiles. The final floor tiles are high density, EVA foam which will cover 24 square feet of your garage. I personally love the black and blue aesthetic these come in, coming with 6 tiles and 12 boarder edges so they can fit nicely into your garage. These will cushion your hard floor with a non-skid matting surface that is made from a high-density soft rubber which will offer you amazing durability and comfort for your garage floor. The dimensions are 24” x 25” (length and width), with a half-inch density which should be more than enough for your exercise equipment or DIY tools. With many outstanding ratings, it’s incredibly hard to fault these floor tiles, especially when their appearance looks so good, they’ll be sure to fit perfectly into your garage.

Which Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles are Right for You?

Since it’s not worth talking about how to install them since it’s so easy, it’s worth taking a look at which kind of floor tiles are the right ones for your garage.

Functionality vs Aesthetic

You need to consider what you will use your garage for. Garages are useful spaces in the house but are only what you make of them, many people choose to have home gyms, storage spaces, workshops, and even cars for bigger, usually double garages.

But this may not be you, you may choose to use this space as a comfortable living space such as a second longue (this works a treat if you can’t stand what your family watch on tv, or if you love your own, personal time).

If you’re lucky enough to have a big enough garage where you don’t have to make that choice, brilliant, you could choose to only cover half of your garage with floor tiles and half without, or just get creative with it.

As for practical advice though, I would recommend the thicker, harder wearing floor tiles for the functionality purpose as they will protect your garage floor more and will help you avoid injury. Any floor tile is much better than no floor tiles though, since most garage floors are concrete which will cause serious strain on your joints when you exercise, and may cause broken bones should an accident occur.

As for the aesthetic look, I have recommended floor tiles which offer you a great variety of different looks, such as faux wood or the spacey black and blue. The choice is all yours.

If you’re looking to change your garage into the ideal space for you, read my article: Garage Conversion: Everything You need to Know.

Final Thoughts

It is clear how beneficial having easy to fit, interlocking garage floor tiles can be for your garage. They are often overlooked, but they shouldn’t be, I believe that garages without this feature look incredibly bare and even unfinished.

Luckily for you, floor tiles take a matter of minutes to install to your garage and should last for years, forget the days of hard, concrete floors, and welcome the days of comfortable, stylish floor tiles!

The 5 Best Easy-to-Fit Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles