Garage Tool Storage: The 5 Best Tool Storage Shelves and Organizers

Garage tool storage is so important for keeping your garage tidy. If you have a garage, there’s a high chance you also store your tools there. I know from personal experience that if you’re not careful, you can quickly cause a mess and lose your tools.

That’s why I’m sharing with you the best tool storage shelves, racks, and organizers to ensure a cleaner, more organized garage where you don’t have to spend half an hour searching for your tools every time you need to fix something.

So without further ado, here are the best garage tool storage shelves and organizers for your garage.

Best Storage Shelves and Organizers:

garage tool storage

1. StoreYourBoard BLAT Tool Storage Rack. The first tool storage rack on this list is your standard, allot steel, US engineered tool rack that will serve you well for your basic tools and garden equipment. Even your heaviest tools will be completely fine on this heavy duty tool rack as it supports 325 lbs in total! It is easy to install as it fits 16” wall stud spacing and includes quality wall mount lag screws for maximum strength. Safe to say this is a very good tool storage rack to have in your garage if your garage is a bit smaller and you’re planning to use it for heavier tools.

garage tool storage

2. Kingarage Garden Tool Organizer, Garden Tool Storage on Wheels. Another alloy steel tool organizer, this time on the floor (but can also be mounted on the wall). This organizer can fit up to THIRTY large hardware and/or garden tools, anything from a hammer to a leaf blower and everything in between. The strong exterior will provide a long lasting, sturdy performance while also being weather proof! The 23.6 inch height makes this perfect for smaller garages as well, it is easy to assemble and has a one year guarantee. It’s hard not to be biased here but this one is my favourite on the list because it just has everything.

3. Ultrawall Garage Storage, 48×36 inch Pegboard with Hooks. The third entry on this list is a different type of tool organizer, but it’s very popular amongst people who use a lot of tools. This super steel pegboard with hooks is a wall mount tool organizer fit for the busiest DIY enthusiasts. Weighing just 35 lbs, this is easy to install as the position of the holder can be adjusted and the grips can be moved horizontally on the frame to accommodate different sized tools. Its wide application makes it suitable for any type of tool whether it’s DIY or gardening, it can hold up to 1200 lbs and comes with countless types of hooks. There’s a reason I only put one kind of pegboard tool organiser on this list, and it’s because you won’t find a better one than this.

4. YueTong All Metal Garden Tool Organizer. This tool organiser is specialised for gardening tools and will last you a lifetime. It’s metal, rubber, and iron frame is completely rust proof comes with big adjustable hooks covered with thick rubber to avoid you damaging your tools. It comes with a combination of big and small hooks to suit different types of garden tools. It is easy to install, sturdy, and won’t take up too much space in your garage. This is the perfect garden tool storage for commonly used tools that you don’t want to keep breaking your back in order to get it from your shed.

garage tool storage

5. ZEAKOC Power Tool Organizer, 4Layers. Last and definitely not least is the 4 layer power tool organizer from ZEAKOC. This alloy steel frame and rack will declutter your garage while giving you a choice to use the wall mount or the frame. The screw and punch installation of the wall mount should be easy for even beginner DIYers, and the frame, well, you just have to put it on the ground. The capacity of each shelf is 80-150 lbs and has a wear-resistant guarantee. Finally, with a quality assurance and great reviews, it’s easy to see why this 2-1 option is ideal for your garage.

Which Garage Tool Storage Shelf or Organizer is Perfect for You?

Each entry on this list is of the highest possible quality, so this begs the question of which one is right for you? Well there are just a few factors you need to take in mind:

Big vs small garage

If your garage is small, I’d suggest using wall mounted storage shelves, but if that isn’t an option, go for the second organizer on the list as it’s not tall and you can wheel it around easily all while it not being very tall.

Gardening/power tools

If you have a lot of power tools, the emphasis is going to be on organization, that’s why I think if you’re just storing power tools, go for the third entry on this list as it’s actually designed for it.

If you have more garden tools, go for the 1st, 2nd, or 4th on the list, and if you have a bit of both, go for the final instalment on the list as it has a wall rack and storage shelves.


For the quality you’re getting, I’ve sought out great deals on each one, and if you’re not looking to spend too much, go for the 4th or 5th product on the list as these will still provide you with decent storage and garage decluttering qualities.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it! If you invest in either one of these storage units, you’re garage and shed floor space is going to thank you for it. Now you’ll be able to find your tools in a moment’s notice and be able to walk around you garage without expecting a rake in your face like in the cartoons.

If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share it with someone who it could help, and I hope you enjoy organizing your garage with these amazing garage tool storage shelves and organizers!