The 5 Best Garage Storage Shelves to Save you Space

I’m confident in saying that storage shelves are the single most important thing to have to transform your garage from a cluttered mess to an organised, tidy garage that will save you a headache every time you need to find something.

Too many times in the past I’ve needed to find something for my garden or car only to find a heap of mess. Having to find a needle in a haystack isn’t fun. Therefore, let me show you the best storage shelves you can get for your garage today. These storage shelves will save you a lot of time and effort searching your garage. Not to mention how much cleaner it will look.

What can Garage Storage Shelves be Used For?

The short answer is, anything you’d like, but it depends. Wall-mounted storage shelves often have a lower weight limit meaning you’re best putting the heavy stuff on the floor. Plus this will save you doing your back in.

The more basic garage storage shelves can usually only hold a weight of 150 lbs. This may be fine for you, but if you’re looking for a stronger, sturdier product, you can get shelves with the capacity up to 2000 lbs.

In this article I will show you storage shelves that are suitable for everyday objects, such as your gardening equipment. I’ll also show your more specialised storage shelves for your tools, such as drill holders.
Best Garage Storage Shelves:

1. FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack Floating Shelves. We’re starting off the list strong here, and I mean literally. These wall-mounted shelves provide safety loading of up to 400 lbs total (200 lbs for each shelf), which is incredibly strong (as expected with steel shelves). These shelves come in sizes from 1×4 ft to 2×6 ft giving a generous space and weight to store your garage goods. You can buy hooks with it too as an optional extra. I know what you’re thinking though, surely steel, wall-mounted shelves are going to be a pain to assemble. That’s where you’d be wrong as these alloy steel shelves comes with high quality screws. They are easy to install for one person (with all hardware included). Colours come in either black or white.

MM Utility Garage Storage Shelves

2. MM Utility Shelves. Don’t like the idea of wall-mounted storage shelves? No problem. These storage shelves don’t come much stronger than this. Being able to hold a whopping 400 lbs PER SHELF, which in my opinion, is incredible. It is well worth investing in one or two of these as they may be the only storage shelves you will need in your whole garage. Each unit has 4 shelves with generous dimensions. Perfect for your tools, garden equipment, or anything else heavy for that matter. A feature I love about these is the shelves’ heights are adjustable to accommodate larger pieces of garage equipment. There is also a fence on both sides if you’re worried about heavy objects falling. However, you shouldn’t worry about that since the high strength welding technology makes it difficult for objects to fall.

3. RhinoMini Universal Shelf Kit. If your garage has more of a wooden aesthetic as opposed to steel, this wall-mounted garage storage shelf has you covered. Offering supreme thickness and amazing sturdiness, this storage shelf is ideal for garages with some extra space on the wall. One of my favourite features of this product is how easy it is to add hooks to it. you can add anything from bikes to tennis balls, which is a great testament to how sturdy this shelf is. This shelf’s dimensions range from a length of 4 feet and a width of 20 inches, to 16 feet and 33.5 inches. Enough to declutter the messiest of garages for good. Some options also come with a smaller shelf underneath the main shelf as well which I think is very useful. This also comes with instructions on how to install.

StoreYourBoard Electric Drill Storage Rack with Storage Shelf

4. StoreYourBoard Electric Drill Storage Rack with Storage Shelf. These storage shelves are perfect for your tools. This storage rack can hold up to 4 drills and batteries and is therefore great for organising your DIY collection. This is another wall-mounted shelf. It can easily hold the weight of any type of drill being a heavy-metal duty storage rack. This is made with durable, powder-coated steel which will mean it won’t rust for years and years. It also comes with a shelf which can hold your other tools. Therefore, you can conveniently have them all in one place. Finally, yet again, it is easy to install as it comes with mounting hardware into standard 16-inch space studs.

Finnhomy 8-Tier Wire Shelving Unit Adjustable Steel Wire Rack

5. Finnhomy 8-Tier Wire Shelving Unit Adjustable Steel Wire Rack. Finally, if you want a storage unit that takes up less room (ironic, I know), then this 8-tier shelving unit will be perfect for you. This one is taller rather than wide and is made from rust proof, alloy steel, meaning it is very light, weighing just 27 pounds. My favourite thing about this wire rack is it’s versality. Is an 8-tier shelf too high? No worries just remove the top half to create 2, smaller 4-tier shelves, ideal for if you intend to place heavier items on the rack. Speaking of weight, these shelves are stronger than they look, being able to hold 250 pounds per shelf, very worth the money considering you get 8 of them. This also includes adjustable levelling feet as well as a smart, safety device to prevent the rack from falling.

How to Install Wall-Mounted Shelves

The wall-mounted shelves on this list come with instructions which should be clear and concise, but if you just want some extra guidance, or want to know for some other shelves, I’ll give you a basic guide.

Tools and materials

Firstly, you’ll want to gather the tools and materials you’ll need. This includes:

• Drill
• Hammer
• Level
• Pencil
• Shelf Brackets
• Tape Measure
• Stud Finder
• Screws
• Screwdriver
• Drywall Anchors

Decide Where They will be Placed

This speaks for itself, but I would recommend choosing the strongest, most stable part of your wall, for obvious reasons. Use drywall anchors or stud finders to see if there’s somewhere suitable to hang the shelf, as studs offer additional support.

Make your Markings

Use a standard level to make sure your shelves are in a straight line, then, mark the wall lightly with a pencil on both ends. Mark inside the holes in the shelf bracket so you’ll know where to screw, these brackets should be positioned against the wall, along the bottom of the shelf.

Drill Pilot Holes

I’d recommend using a power drill on a low setting or a screwdriver to drill your screws into the bracket markings. It is important that you don’t twist the screws all the way into the wall as they are meant to come out again. Don’t make it harder for yourself.

Install the Anchors and Brackets

Anchors are only needed for heavier storage shelves. That being said, remove the screws and place the first bracket. Then, re-insert the screws to secure the bracket and make sure they are in tight enough, but not too tight. Repeat the process for the other brackets and tidy the markings if you need to.

Hang Your Shelves Up

Make sure they are centred and secure and screw holes into the bottom of the shelf if the bracket has openings at the top, this will prevent the shelf from sliding or falling over.

Final Thoughts

This product list has given you a few options for high quality garage storage shelves. The handy thing is, you don’t have to choose one over the other, you are free to have all types if you wish, as my garage has wall-mounted shelves and shelves that I put on the floor.

I must say that garage storage shelves may not sounds terribly exciting, but they really do make the difference when decluttering you garage. It may mean the difference between throwing useful stuff out, and having it well organised, saving you time and effort finding what you need.

If you’re looking to save even more space in your garage, check out my article on the best metal garage storage cabinets. Thank you for reading and I wish you all clean, organised garages.

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