Garage Gym Mats: The 5 Best Mats for your Garage Gym

Garage gym mats

Garage gym mats are perfect for your garage floor if you’re looking to get that summer body without having to leave the comfort of your garage. Garage gym mats can be the difference between a damaged and uncomfortable garage floor compared to a comfy safe one. Perfect for you exercise bike or crunches.

In this post, I’ll be showing you the 5 best garage gym mats for your garage floor. It doesn’t matter if you use them for your exercise bike, yoga, or anything in between. This list will have you covered.

Why Use a Garage Gym Mat?

Garage gym mats offer you many benefits not only for your garage floor, but also for you. First of all, any gym equipment such as a treadmill or exercise bike can be placed on a gym mat to stabilise them and ensure they don’t cause any marks on your garage floor.

Not to mention if you’re planning on weight training, garage gym mats will be perfect for storing your weights. Placing your weights on a garage gym mat instead of your garage floor will prevent any depressions in the floor caused by leaving a weight there too long. This will mean your garage floor will stay nice and level in the long term as long as you don’t plan on dropping your heavy weights on you garage floor too often!

Finally, garage gym mats will ensure less pain for your joints. I don’t know if you’ve done sit ups or planks on a hard floor, but it sure does hurt! Not to mention, hard floors can be bad for your joints if you plan on doing movements with heavy weights. Therefore, having a layer of padding is essential for your home gym, especially considering how hard garage floors usually are. That being said, let’s take a look at the top garage gym mats on the market.

Top Garage Gym Mats

1. Rubber King All-Purpose Fitness Mats. Stating off strong with this one, the strong reviews are a great reflection of how great this exercise mat is. Coming in a stylish black, it was specifically designed to be the most functional fitness mat available. It is also very versatile, the 0.75-inch-thick mat will work on any surface, even outside, and for any exercise such as yoga or heavy lifting. This cushioned mat will roll up tight for easy storage and includes a handle for convenience. Overall, a very solid choice for your garage or even your patio for a hot day.

2. SuperMats Made in U.S.A. for Indoor Cycles. This durable, non-slip rubber mat is my favourite on the list, while it is only 7 millimetres thick, the polyvinyl chloride foam make you forget that pretty quickly. With a big surface area, it is surprisingly easy to store and move around, making it another very versatile garage gym mat. The high density padding with a unique dot matrix will prevent the mat from sliding around, and will also prevent you from slipping, helping you to avoid injury when pumping some iron, suitable for shoes on or off. One of my favourite features of this mat is how eco-friendly it is, using safe materials, this mat uses completely non-toxic materials to assure you peace of mind. Great for any exercise, any time.

CyclingDeal Indoor Bike Floor garage gym Mat

3. CyclingDeal Indoor Bike Floor Mat. This garage gym mat is designed more for an indoor bike. Coming in a just 3 millimetres, it is made from PVC and is therefore very lightweight, making it great for all types of heavy indoor bikes. This mat is also waterproof and will prevent your garage floor (or any floor) from dirt or any wear and tear. This mat will also stay firmly on your floor and tiles, it is incredibly non-slippery meaning your bike will stay put. Using new PVC material, you can be rest assured of its quality and that it will be durable and has a ton of uses outside of a garage gym mat. Finally, the 2-year warranty will insure you, although it’s very unlikely you’ll need it!

Little Fish Extra Wide Yoga garage gym Mats

4. Little Fish Extra Wide Yoga Mats. These thermoplastic elastomer garage gym mats weigh just 2 pounds, coming in black, pink, or purple, a great choice for your garage floor. Its comfortable non-slip design is made from eco-friendly material (natural rubber) which will ensure it will be odourless and sweat proof. This mat’s durability and resilience is hard to compete with, it is also waterproof with no-slip lines on the front and back. It is also great for storage due to how light it is and therefore great for exercise on the go, or to just take to your local gym. Coming with a year long warranty, this mat seems to have everything.

5. Crostice Bike Mat for Peloton Bike, Bike+ & Tread, Upgrad Thickness 6mm. This extra thick, non-slip exercise mat is another eco-friendly mat to support you and your garage floor for exercising. Coming in a range of colours, this large mat will be big enough for any sort of stretching or yoga, great for bigger garages or outside spaces. This 6-millimetre exercise mat is the ideal thickness for yoga and Pilates, giving the optimal amount of cushion for your joints while simultaneously offering you the best grip on the floor to help you maintain your balance. The list of features for this mat go on and on, the anti-skid, non-toxic, and sweat absorbent mat is easy to clean and is ideal for yoga in your garage or any other exercise anywhere for that matter.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, for every exercise you can do in your garage, an exercise mat is highly recommended. This list included all different types of materials, thickness, and sizes so it will be perfect for you.

It is worth noting that some mates are better for certain types of exercises. Notably, yoga mats tend to have a thickness of 6 millimetres while exercise bike mats tend to be less, around the 3 millimetre mark.

If you’re looking to protect the rest of your garage floor, take a look at my article on inter-locking garage floor tiles. Make sure you have your whole garage floor protected!

With that being said I hope you found a mat that suits you. I hope you enjoyed the read and have fun getting and staying fit.

garage gym mats