5 Garage Ceiling Fans to Keep your Garage Cool this Summer

Garage Ceiling Fans are the perfect way to cool your garage down this summer with a stylish, modern look. You’ll see in this article which one works for your garage.
There’s nothing worse than working away or even relaxing in a garage that’s overheated, so stick around for the highest quality ceiling fans for great value!

Why use a ceiling fan for your garage?

Surely garages don’t need ceiling fans, all you need to do is open the door, right? Well, if you’re unfortunate enough to live in a country where the summer temperature doesn’t exceed 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) then feel free to check out a different post, but for you lucky people with hot summers, you definitely do need one.

In hot and humid climates, opening your garage door really won’t do much. Your garage is likely somewhere you will want to work, exercise, or chill out; excessive heat really won’t help you with this.

That alone is enough, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the ceiling fans I’m about to show you are easy to use (remote controlled), have great features such as LED lights for hot nights, and are easy to install! So without further ado, let’s look at the perfect garage ceiling fan for you…

Best Garage Ceiling Fans:

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1. VYROL Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Light. We’re starting off strong with the first ceiling fan on this list, as promised, these ceiling fans will come with some amazing features as this one acts as a light as well with its 2-in-1 design! The LED lights come with an array of settings including advanced modes so you can finely tune your garage light while staying cool. Alongside this, it is lightweight, easy to install, and has a quiet motor. What more could you ask for?

2. Folding Fan Blade, Ceiling Fan with LED Light. If you’re looking for a cheaper but still high quality option, then this one is perfect for you. Its 360 beam angle will ensure complete coverage of your garage while you can also be flexible about the light coverage and power depending on if you want warm lighting for evenings to relax, or more intense lighting for working or exercise. Finally, this fan has a long service life of up to 50,000 hours, and it’s easy to install. This one is perfect if you’re on a budget.

3. Newday Ceiling Fan with Light, 48″ White Ceiling Lamp with Fan and Remote Control. Did someone say remote control? Not only is this ceiling fan easy to adjust, but it also comes with 3 levels of airflows, 3 colours of temperature adjustable, and 4 timer settings. This stylish ceiling fan also uses high quality materials with super bright 24W LED lights to brighten up your garage. My favourite feature of all is its reversible, quiet motor, using the power of two different airflows, this will cool your garage down in the summer, and warm it up in the winter, making it useful all year round! Finally, warranty is included making this ceiling fan amazing from all angles.

4. CJOY Ceiling Lamp with Fan Reversible Fan Light. If for some reason the fan above didn’t quite meet your standard, this garage ceiling fan is the 2.0. With a similar modern design, it comes with more opportunities to tune this combined ceiling and light to your perfect temperature and brightness. Again coming with a summer and winter mode, this easy to install ceiling fan has two-colour fan blades where the colours of the two sides of the fan blades are different so you can choose between white and wood grain to suit the aesthetic of your garage. Once you get this fan for your garage there really is no looking back, only looking up to admire this piece of art.

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5. Prominence Home Indoor/Outdoor Journal Ceiling Fan, 52″. The final garage ceiling fan on this list is my favourite in terms of style. The rustic, wooden exterior will give a great look to your garage, and if you don’t like that look, you can change it to silver oak or carbon fiber! Onto the features, this fan can be used outdoors, be mounted on angled ceiling with its duel mount, is powerful while being quiet, and finally is easy to install. This is the most versatile ceiling fan on the list in terms of look and placement, if you have a garage with lots of open space, this one should be perfect for you.

FAQs about Garage Ceiling Fans

Still not sure about getting a garage ceiling fan? These answers should clear up anything you’re wondering.

Should You Put a Ceiling Fan in Your Garage?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, but if you’re already asking the question, you probably should. There is no major downside to installing a garage ceiling fan, as a result, you’ll only benefit from getting one. It should make you more comfortable. This should make it where it should improve your overall experience while working on your projects, exercising or chilling out in your garage.

How Big of a Ceiling Fan Do You Need for Your Garage?

The answer to this question depends on the size of your garage. However, if you have a standard-sized garage, you should stick to 50 to 60-inch garage ceiling fans. These dimensions should provide you with the air circulation you need without making it too windy. If you have a double garage, or one that exceeds 400 square feet, you should think about getting a garage ceiling fan around 60 inches in width.

How Many Blades Should a Ceiling Fan Have?

Think of garage ceiling fans like you would for your bedroom or living room. In either case, the fan should have the same number of blades.
In most cases, three or four blades are optimal for efficient air circulation. Some devices work fine with five blades as well, but the installation process will be more complicated with these devices. Additionally, they are usually noisier, heavier, and draw more power making them more difficult to install and more expensive to run.

Where Should Fans Be Placed in the Garage?

If you’re installing just one garage ceiling fan, so you should place it in the center of your garage ceiling, along one of the studs or ceiling joists. Doing so will produce enough airflow to cool the entire garage. When installing multiple ceiling fans, position them with equal distances from the wall and each other. That ensures good airflow throughout your garage.

Can You Install an Industrial Fan in Your House?

If you want to invest in the quality of the fan you are installing, you might be thinking about an industrial fan. So, can you install an industrial fan in your house? The short answer is that it depends on the size of your garage and also your experience with DIY. Safety codes state that industrial fans are only safe in areas where the blades are no closer than 10 feet from the ground. Most residential garage ceilings are around 10′, so be sure your garage has enough headroom before purchasing an industrial garage ceiling fan. If not, I’d recommend purchasing a garage ceiling fan that is smaller and lighter.

Final Thoughts

The round up, you’ll never regret buying a garage ceiling fan. When I bought mine, it was an absolute game changer for me in the winter, not to mention how many features the ones I’ve shown you have. For example, if you want an even temperature year-round, get the fan with the heater as well is my suggestion.

Other than that, don’t worry about the installation process, I’ve made sure to include only fans that are easy to install so you can get cool in no time!

Make sure to share my content if you found it useful and see you again for another post soon!

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