The 6 Best Garage Bike Racks You Need Right Now

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Garage bike racks will offer you amazing convenience and have the power to transform your garage into a space that can hold even the biggest bike enthusiast’s collection.

I have compiled a list of the best garage bike racks I could find, ideal for your family, collection, or just the one expensive bike you want to keep securely in your garage. This list will show you a great variety of all different types of bike racks, even a ceiling-mounted one!

Top Garage Bike Racks

Steadyrack Bike Racks

1. Steadyrack Bike Racks. The first entry on this list is simple, yet stunning. While looking like a pair of skis, they offer a strong steel material that is built to last, holding up to 35kg each, I personally wouldn’t fancy using a bike that heavy! However, even if you do have a heavy bike, you don’t have to lift it, just balance the bike on its real wheel and push it into the rack, that will surely save you some backache. These bikes racks are perfect for a smaller space, it is easily secured to the wall, and will protect your bike from damage to the frame or rims, what more could you ask for? This bike rack has a 2.1”-2.8” maximum tire width and a 20”-29” recommended wheel diameter, including the tire.

PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Wall Rack

2. PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Wall Rack. This wall-mounted bike rack allows a capacity of up to 6 bikes and is compatible with wood studs and concrete walls, therefore suitable for most garages. With a length of 65.7” (165cm), it is the widest on the market and is strong enough for 400lbs (180kgs) worth of bikes (or anything else for that matter). This will hold all types of bikes with wide hooks holding tires up to 5” in width. It also comes with detailed instructions on how to install it. I can’t think of another reason you’d need to want this bike rack; hundreds of people have reviewed this as 5 stars so it’s not just me who is excited about it!

CyclingDeal 2-4 Bike Vertical Hanger Parking Rack

3. CyclingDeal 2-4 Bike Vertical Hanger Parking Rack. The name is a bit of a mouthful, but this lightweight alloy steel garage bike rack works as a stand that can hold 4 bikes. This is perfect for garages that don’t have enough space on the wall for a wall-mounted bike rack. No tools, no problem, this free-standing bike rack is study enough to hold 55 lbs per bike with its high-quality steel base, your bikes will be put up and stay up! Each hook is also adjustable with its height and tilt, with the top stand being able to rotate 90 degrees if need be.

Koova Wall Bike Storage Rack Garage Hanger

4. Koova Wall Bike Storage Rack Garage Hanger. This is the second and final multi-bike, wall-mounted garage bike rack on this list. It is similar to the second bike rack on this list, the main difference being its versatility. This alloy steel bike rack comes in two instalments of 3 capacity bike racks, being able to fit all types of bikes, heavy or light, thin or fat tyres. It’s also incredibly easy to install within minutes, including smaller bonus hooks to hang your helmets and other accessories. Finally, a rare lifetime warranty is offered with this one, I’d recommend this bike rack if you’d like a more flexible space design in your garage.

BTTHWR Horizontal Bike Wall Hanger

5. BTTHWR Horizontal Bike Wall Hanger. This is about as good as it gets for single bike storage. If you’ve got your expensive, carbon-fibre bike, this bike rack is perfect for your garage. Made from the finest aluminium alloy and iron, it is scratch-proof and certainty won’t scratch your bikes. While being easy to install and the lightest one on this list, it is certainly convenient, holding bikes with a weight of up to 40lbs (18kg). This bike rack will work for every bike regardless of its tire width and diameter, just as long as your handlebar length is below 31” (78cm), it also works for any size as it features a 45-degree adjustable angle to keep your bike level. Only opt for this choice if your wall is stronger than plasterboard (which will be most garages).

Flat-Bike-Lift overhead rack

6. Flat-Bike-Lift overhead rack. I’ve saved the best until last here, I’ll try not to be too biased, but with multiple happy customers calling it the best garage bike rack they’ve ever bought it’s hard not to be. This Italian, one-of-a-kind, hydro-pneumatic lifting system will take your bike safely and automatically into a flat position to ceiling, the best possible way to save space in most garages. It is suited to any kind of bike, with a max load of 46 lbs (21kgs) which should be more than enough. This is suitable for ceilings that are 8 ft or over, if you have a drywall ceiling, you’ll need a bracket, but that’s not a bad trade for such an amazing space-saver.

How to Install Wall-Mounted Garage Bike Racks

Opted for a wall-mounted bike rack and wondering how to install it? No worries, I have you covered, just follow these 5 steps and you’ll have lots more space in your garage in no time.

Step 1: Measure Your Bike

It’s a good idea to know the dimensions of your bike before you start installing your garage bike rack. If you’re using a vertical bike rack, measure the length of your bike. If you’re using a horizontal bike rack, measure the hight of your bike.

Step 2: Place the Bike Rack on the Desired Space

Work out where you want your bike rack to be on the wall and mark holes on the rack line up on the wall.

Make sure not to put the rack too high up or the bike may touch the ceiling when finished. Likewise, for horizontal bike racks and the length of the bike.

Step 3: Drill Your Markings

Make sure to use a drill that is smaller than the screws you are using for your bike rack. Also, make sure you drill deep enough holes so the whole screw can fit inside.

Step 4: Use a Wall Plug for each Hole You Drilled

These will provide increased grip for your screws and ultimately your bike rack, make sure to use wall plug that are the same size as the screws you are using for your bike rack.

Step 5: Screw Your Bike Rack into Place

Now you’ll want to line the bike rack up over the previously drilled holes, then use a screwdriver to screw the screws into the wall plugs. Make sure they are fitted tightly as you’ll want your bike rack to be securely fitted to the wall to prevent damage to your bike.

Now you know how easy it is to install wall-mounted bike racks in your garage, check out my article on garage storage shelves to learn about how you can save even more space in your garage.

Final Thoughts

Whether your family are bike enthusiasts or you’re riding solo, this list includes each type of bike rack you’ll need for your garage to help you save space.

Depending on your garage, you may either want to opt for a wall-mounted garage bike rack, or a stand, or even go for the automatic ceiling bike rack, either way, you can’t go wrong.

Thank you for reading to the end. I’ll be on my bike now, wishing you and your family some happy pedalling!

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