Epoxy Garage Floor Paint: The 4 Best Paints For Your Garage Floor

epoxy garage floor paint

Epoxy paint, otherwise known as Epoxy floor covering, can and will transform your garage floor from a fragile, unstable surface to a well-reinforced, solvent resistant finish.

Epoxy paint will last on your garage floor (also suitable for basements and patios) for years and is therefore well worth the investment for your garage floor. In this article, I will be showing you the best Epoxy garage floor paints to give you a stylish, yet tough garage floor.

Why choose Epoxy Garage Floor Paint?

If you’re unsure about the benefits of Epoxy paint, you may be thinking why you need to paint your garage floor at all. Well, I’ll tell you a secret, Epoxy paint isn’t technically paint, it’s more of a coating to reinforce surfaces such as floors.

Epoxy paint specially for garage floors comes in many different colours to improve the look of your garage. Applying Epoxy paint to your garage floor will not only give your garage more personality, but also reinforce the floor to protect it from scratches, peeling, cracks, oil stains, tire marks, etc.

Compared to any other type of paint, Epoxy is considered to be the most scratch resistant. This is also ideal for areas with high moisture, such as outdoor areas or saunas. This is the case since it also offers moisture and abrasion resistance.

Finally, like any other type of product I like to write about, this will give you the best return on investment compared to any other type of garage floor paint. Save time and money by not needing to add extra coats over the years as it is supremely resistant. One coat of Epoxy paint on your garage floor and you’ll be set for years.

Top Epoxy Garage Floor Paints

Epoxy garage floor paint - Abatron LiquidWood Epoxy Wood Hardener and Consolidant Resin

1. Abatron LiquidWood Epoxy Wood Hardener and Consolidant Resin. The first Epoxy paint has a specific focus on wood floors, it can penetrate and restore the strength of any wood that has deteriorated or rotted. Not only does it repair wood floors, it also helps with damaged windows, doors, columns, posts and anything else made from wood. This resin has a work time of 30-45 minutes, treated wood will harden a few hours after application, the more deteriorated your wood is, the more resin/coats it will need. Once the epoxy hardens, you’ll find it easy to saw, sand, drill, paint, nail, etc. Finally, it is GreenGuard certified meaning it is completely safe to use for interior and exterior use. This is the ideal epoxy coating for wooden garage floors.

Epoxy garage floor paint - Rust-Oleum 277499 FastKote UV Stable Polyurea Floor Coating

2. Rust-Oleum 277499 FastKote UV Stable Polyurea Floor Coating. This epoxy paint is ideal for concrete garage floors. Coming in one whole gallon, you’ll easily be able to apply a few coats to your garage floor, one gallon can cover up to 400 square metres. This clear paint uses a fade-resistant formula and is UV stable, it has a fast dry coating feature that will mean your garage floor will be completely good to go in 12 hours. Not only does this paint have an easy roller application, it has a durable polyurea formula which protects against chemicals and abrasion. This is a great option if you have a concrete garage floor, and you like to use the area as a workshop as it will protect your garage floor against any sort of abrasion, the amazing reviews don’t lie on this one.

Epoxy garage floor paint - Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint

3. Rust-Oleum 206999 Marine Topside Paint. This very popular epoxy paint is made for waterproof surfaces such as a boat, but it will also be ideal for your garage floor if you plan on getting it wet often such as washing your car. For that matter, it is also ideal for outside areas. This epoxy paint is great for fibreglass, wood, or metal surfaces. It is easy to apply, dries quickly in as little as 1 to 2 hours, and covers an area of up to 100 square feet. It is also ideal for outside areas since the durable coating resists extreme weather conditions such as providing long-lasting UV protection. The superior gloss retention alongside the smooth finish will offer the best possible aesthetic for your garage floor. A great option for garages and outdoor areas.

Epoxy garage floor paint - Simiron Metallic Additive - Durable - Unique Design - for Epoxy Floors

4. Simiron Metallic Additive – Durable – Unique Design – for Epoxy Floors. This high-quality epoxy paint comes in 20 different colours. So not only will it suit any kind of garage floor, but it will also offer protection against chemicals and abrasion, leaving a smooth floor that is easy to clean while offering heavy-duty protection. This epoxy paint won’t just give you one block colour, but a 3-dimensional appearance with the illusion of waves and ripples, perfect for an amazing garage floor aesthetic, who says garage floors are boring?! It is ideal for whatever purpose your garage floor is used for, whether you’re using it as a living space or workshop, it is extremely versatile. This epoxy garage floor paint is perfect if you want a high-quality epoxy paint with a great appearance, the reviews agree too.


Wooster Brush R232 18-inch Epoxy Glide 14-inch Nap Roller Cover

Wooster Brush R232 18-inch Epoxy Glide 1/4-inch Nap Roller Cover. You can’t tie a shoe without a shoelace, you also can’t paint your garage floor with epoxy paint without using a great epoxy paint roller. This pack of 6 will make painting your garage floor an absolute breeze, the shed resistant fabric is suitable for all types of epoxy paint and urethanes. With reviews saying how easy it is to use, this seems like an obvious choice for painting your garage floor with. Finally, the double-think polypropylene core will resist water solvents and cracking from occurring so you can be rest assured while painting your garage floor.

How to apply Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

Now you’ve selected the best epoxy garage floor paint for your garage floor, let’s look at how to apply this paint to get the most out of it.

Step 1: Make sure your garage floor is completely dry

This first step speaks for itself; you’ll want to use a combination of fans and good ventilation to achieve this. Make sure your garage floor isn’t exposed to too much humidity as this will of course add some unwanted moisture to your garage floor.

Step 2: Mix the Epoxy resin with your desired paint

If you opted for getting epoxy resin, you’ll want to mix it with your desired paint colour. This step can be ignored if you bought specific epoxy paint. Just bear in mind that once the mixture is created, depending on the epoxy in question, you’ll have roughly 2 to 2.5 hours to work with it. This is called the ‘pot life’, and it means you don’t want to mix up more than you need ahead of time.

Step 3: Paint your garage floor

Whenever painting a garage floor, or any other type of floor for that matter, it’s a good idea to work within 2 feet deep by 6 feet wide area. Then, use your finishing strokes in a perpendicular direction, do this for your whole garage floor and you’re good to go until the second coat.

Step 4: Add another coat

This step is optional, but definitely recommended if you want to get the most out of your epoxy garage floor paint. You’ll want to leave your garage floor alone for at least 12 hours, basically just leave it overnight. Make sure your garage floor stays dry, then apply another coat using the same painting technique. Focus on any areas where the paint looks thin and not quite as uniform as it could be.

The second coat is for aesthetics just as much as it is for the added protection to your garage floor. This is why using an epoxy garage floor paint such as the Simiron Metallic Additive for epoxy floors is a great option as it will hide any imperfections on your garage floor.

Final Thoughts

It is clear to see that investing in epoxy garage floor paint is well worth it. No other paint will offer your garage floor as much protection while still making your garage floor look great. This article covers you for every type of garage floor, whether it’s wooden, concrete, or anything else.

If you’re looking to take an extra step to protect your garage floor, or protect it without the need to paint it, check out my article on Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles. These will work great alongside epoxy garage floor paint to protect your garage floor.

Thank you for reading, please share it if you found it useful, and have fun with your indestructible new garage floor.